In addition to passing levels and advancing along the map, players compete for a position on the leaderboard, which shows the scores of their friends who also play Solitaire Story.

Tips for earning a higher score:

  • Each remaining card in your draw pile adds 100 extra points to your score. Collecting extra cards from friends and purchasing the +5 Cards Booster will also give you a chance to earn more points.
  • By clearing cards consecutively, you’ll rack up a Chain Bonus, which increases the amount of points you earn from clearing cards.
  • Having more friends in the game can help you accumulate Lives faster and earn more Coins every day.
  • The Shop offers very valuable Permanent Boosters that can dramatically increase your progress and help you beat levels faster.
  • If you’re stuck, using In-Game Boosters is one of the easiest ways to keep playing and pass the level.
  • Buying Unlimited Lives from the Shop is the most economic way to play. Play without limits!

Each level has its own leaderboard. There is also a leaderboard on which players are ranked according to the total number of stars they achieved.